The Linuxbot Support page

This web page is for users or programmers of the IAS laboratory Linuxbot robots (and their variants). From here you can download Linuxbot manuals and documentation, the Linuxbot library and example source code, and papers about the Linuxbot. For a general description of the Linuxbot go to the Linuxbot home page.

Please report any errors or inaccuracies in any of the material downloadable from here to me, Alan Winfield, so that I can amend and update accordingly. Let me know also if you have developed code or documentation for the Linuxbot and would like to make this freely available via this web page.

Linuxbot Documentation:

The Linuxbot Quickstart Guide

This is a concise (three page) guide to safely powering up, running and shutting down a Linuxbot. YOU MUST READ THIS before you use a Linuxbot for the first time.

HTML (online) version
PDF download
The Linuxbot Installation Manual (Slackware 3.1)

This details the complete step-by-step process of Linux installation and configuration, from scratch. (Note: this manual is currently being updated for Slackware 7.1).

PDF download
The Linuxbot Library Howto

This is a user (i.e. programmer's) guide to creating robot applications code using the Linuxbot actuators and sensors function library (downloadable below).

PDF download

Linuxbot Library code and example applications:

The Linuxbot library

This is a set of C functions for accessing the robot's actuators and sensors. To be more specific, these functions access:

proximity sensors
motherboard LEDS
motherboard status switches
analogue i/o ports

90% of the library code is concerned with initialising and configuring the HP HCTL1100 motion control devices which (together with the optical shaft encoders) allow a number of sophisticated modes of precision closed-loop control. Included in the zip file is the library source code (robot.c and robot.h) together with a number of simple example programs, including a wall-avoiding program (avoid.c).
Linux-Linux remote tele-operation using TCP/IP

This pair of programs shows how to set up a client/server application, using TCP/IP and the Berkeley Sockets API, for remote robot tele-operation. These programs (lserver.c and lclient.c) assume that you are running the client end on a Linux workstation. The client program (lclient.c) uses the 'curses' library for text-based screen handling.
Windows-Linux remote tele-operation using TCP/IP

This is also a client/server application, using TCP/IP, for remote robot tele-operation, except that here the client application is a Windows GUI, using Borland C++ Builder. Thus to run or modify the client application you will need C++ Builder. The linux server that runs in the robot is the same 'lserver.c' as in the linux-linux example above. Instructions are given in the readme file included.

LinuxBot (and related) papers:

Winfield AFT and Holland OE, 'The application of wireless local area network technology to the control of mobile robots', Journal of Microprocessors and Microsystems (Elsevier), Vol 23/10, pp 597-607, 2000.




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