Jason Welsby

Research Associate: Collective Robotics

Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
University of the West of England, Bristol
Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QY





I have just finished my MPhil in collective robotics entitled 'Collective Locomotion in a Group of Small Scale Aerial Robots'. This research involved designing and building a flock of ten small (<1m in diameter) autonomous flying robots (the Flying Flock) as a research platform for collective robotic experiments. From this work it was found that the aerobots were very hard to control and they lacked sufficient sensing to enable coherent flocking (although it worked sometimes). However, they did a very good impersonation of insects swarming. This project has now been superseded by the next generation of aerobots.

Current Research

The project I am currently undertaking is following on from the flying flock. The aim is to create another flock of autonomous aerobots of similar size but with greatly improved sensing and computational power. This work is being is again being sponsored by BAe Systems.

Lots of love GloBro!




My main interests outside of work include: Parakarting, Mountain Boarding, Snow Boarding, Climbing, Caving, Camping, Juggling, Mountain Biking & Kite Flying.

I also like Minis, and decided to respray mine for the world cup...check it out