This is one of the U-Bots. Fifteen have been constructed - they are used to investigate emergent building behaviour based on ant and termite algorithms.


Here is an exploded view of a U-Bot showing the scoop mechanism.

This picture shows the U-Bots sorting 3-colour pucks using algorithms from the Ant Lab research.

Dramatic arty shot of the U-Bot.

Another arty shot of the U-Bot.




U-Bots sorting using vision system.



U-Bots calculating visual data.



The U-Bot arena.


Original U-Bot colour sorting algorithms and movies.


Clustering algorithm (7.85MB)

Forming convoys (10.6MB)

U-Bot 2 colour sort movie (3.92MB)

U-Bot 3 colour patch sorting movie (16.6MB)


Click on the images to watch short movies of the U-Bots adapted with a vision system.






Questions on the U-bots or the IAS lab to chris.melhuish@uwe.ac.uk