Simon Tansey

Research Fellow (Royal Mail): Autonomous Guided Vehicles




Royal Mail, in collaboration with the University of the West of England, is investigating the movement of mail within its Automated Processing Centres. These centres perform various processes on the mail. Examples are, sorting mail into machinable and non machinable types, cancellation of stamps, automatic address reading, application of machine readable codes, sorting mail to final destinations. There are currently about 80 of these centres, though this will change to fewer, larger centres.

Although in these large processing centres the processes themselves are automated, movement between many of the processes is by manual methods. The movement required between processes is variable. It depends on many factors, such as, time of day, which machines are operational, type of mail. This investigation aims to identify intelligent autonomous portering systems that will be suitable for the movement of mail between processes within these centres. The ultimate aim of the project is to provide a 'proof of concept 'demonstrator for the portering system.


Please contact Prof. C. Melhuish for further details.