Matt Studley

Research Student

Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
University of the West of England, Bristol
Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QY
Phone: +44 117 3283287
Fax: +44 117 3283960





I am currently working in the area of Learning Clasifier Systems. LCSs are a machine learning technique that use elements of reinforcement learning usually coupled with an evolutionary algorithm and some other exploration methods.


In my work I am applying LCSs to problems in which there are multiple objectives. An example of such a problem might be that a robot needs to top up its batteries while also performing useful work; it needs to discover the optimum balance of battery-charging and working. Initial results indicate that a number of LCSs can optimally solve multiobjective problems in simple simulated environments. I am now investigating a multiobjective temporal classifier system on the LinuxBot platform. The robot must learn to navigate around its environment, and learn that when its battery level is low it should perform one learnt task, and otherwise concentrate on another.

For further information on Learning Classifier Systems, and the work that other people are doing in the thriving LCS community here at the UWE, please see the LCS Group Home Page.



I am now in my second year of teaching module UQC107S2 - Software Engineering. We are concentrating on the Rational Unified Process as an examplary methodology, coupled of course with UML.


My most recent (though slightly out-of-date!) CV can be downloaded here. This will show you some of the things I've done before my current academic incarnation!

Outside Interests

I've been playing at Tai Chi Chuan for about 13 years now, along with Chi Gong, a little Baguazhang, and recently YiQuan. My current teacher is Mark Leonard, who is very good, and a very nice chap as well. We are very lucky to have annual visits from Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. Simply mind-blowingly good!