Dr. Danny Froud


Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
University of the West of England, Bristol
Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1QY
Phone: +44 117 3283921
Fax: +44 117 3283960

Email: Danny.Froud@uwe.ac.uk




Research Outline

Goal:               Intelligent communication           (eg for teaching)








  Desires                       Sensation               Understanding                     Language

+                                  +                               +                                      +

  Motivation                   Manipulation             Cognition                     Communication



Using sensation and manipulation, motivated by desire, understanding and cognition develop, leading to language as a method of communication.


A)    Desire and Motivation: a reactive system consisting of unsatisfied desires motivates behaviour.


B)     Sensation and Manipulation: at least 2 senses required - vision and touch,                             

                                                                3 senses preferable - sound,

                                                    at least 1 complex manipulator required,

                                                                2 preferable.


C)    Understanding and Cognition: develops through experience and knowledge, which grows in conjunction with language.


D)    Language and Communication: driven by desire to communicate in combination with innate instincts to make sound, language develops.