Research Vacancies in the IAS Laboratory


A research laboratory with a growing international reputation, IASeL aims to further the understanding of systems which must operate autonomously and exhibit ‘intelligent’ behaviour, that is make appropriate decisions without reference to any human assistance. A key philosophy is one of transfer of theoretical concepts to engineered realisation. Furthermore, the laboratory draws inspiration from evolutionary biology and studies in animal behaviour, artificial intelligence and artificial life. The Laboratory has striven to create a pragmatic mix between research and development work covering the whole spectrum from ‘blue skies’ theoretical innovation, to concrete solutions for real problems. The Intelligent Autonomous Systems Engineering Laboratory has excellent facilities for mobile robot research, and successful applicants would be expected to become part of a team of student, post-doctoral and senior researchers, working in the new and exciting area of collective information processing.


We currently have one PhD vacancy.



1. DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL in collaboration with the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory, UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST OF ENGLAND.

PhD Studentship in Robotics and Computer Vision

The Universities of Bristol and the West of England have created a partnership in advanced robotics. At the end of 2005 a new facility - Bristol Robotics Laboratories (BRL) will be created from the existing IAS lab at the Business Park in Bristol and will engage in a broad portfolio of research in robotics and autonomous systems.

As part of a research theme on making robots more autonomous and able to learn with reduced human supervision a vacancy exists for a 3 year PhD studentship to develop computer vision algorithms and their integration with a real-time robotic system equipped with a grasping hand mechanism.

Key abilities include good proven expertise in coding under C or similar languages, basic experience in computer vision and image processing and familiarity with artificial intelligence techniques.


The eligibility requirements are dictated by the EPSRC. In order to be eligible, students must demonstrate a relevant connection with the UK, usually through being ordinarily resident for a period of 3 years immediately prior to the date of application for the award. Nationality or country of origin is not a criterion for eligibility, but the residence criteria MUST be satisfied. Nationals of other member states of the European Union are eligible for a fees-only (i.e. no maintenance award will be payable) if they have been resident in their own country.

Applicants should hold or expect to obtain a good Honours degree in computing, electronics, physics, mathematics or a relevant engineering subject.

The successful candidate will be based in a dynamic and multi-disciplinary team at the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Laboratory (University of the West of England) with possible time spent at the Computer Science Department, University of Bristol.

The project team will be led by Dr Walterio Mayol at the University of Bristol. The study will be based at BRL. Further information and application details can be made to with the subject PhD.

CLOSING DATE: Open until filled; but as soon as possible.



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